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Scratch Pro for Polishing Stainless Steel Sinks


Scratch Pro for Sinks is a revolutionary kit with diamond buffing compounds, designed to reduce the appearance of ugly scratches and polish your stainless steel sink to look like new. With only three steps needed, your sink may look factory-fresh in practically no time. A DIY kit, no equipment or experience needed.

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BEFORE AND AFTER using Scratch Pro:

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Each ScratchPro Kit for Sinks includes:

5 pieces of Scratch Pro Sandpaper
1 Orange Diamond Buffing compound syringe
1 Black Diamond Buffing compound syringe
1 Orange buffing pad
1 Black buffing pad
1 Foam gripper for easy buffing by hand
2 Plastic buffing pad protectors

Download ScratchPro Instructions Brochure 


Scratch Pro Application Instructions:

new web sss stepsSTEP 1, Sandpaper - SCRATCH REMOVAL

Step #1 may be skipped if there are no scratches to remove, and you simply want to restore shine to the sink.

Important! Buffing with the Scratch Pro Sandpaper will change the factory finish, and it is recommended to go over the entire surface in order to ensure a consistent finish and seamless blend.

Begin by cleaning the scratched area well with a mild cleaning agent. Then, carefully secure a piece of sandpaper to the foam gripper. Buff vigorously in THE DIRECTION ALONG THE GRAIN until the visibility of the scratches is greatly reduced. This may take several minutes, but it is important to remove as many scratches as possible before proceeding to step #2. Depending on the scratches, 1-2 pieces of sandpaper may be required per sink.

Clean the area once more before proceeding to step #2, again by using a mild cleaning agent.



STEP 2, Orange - BUFFING:

Carefully secure the orange buffing pad to the foam gripper and apply a 1-2 inch strip of orange compound #2. Buff vigorously until the surface appears polished. It is important to feather out this step significantly further than step #1, ensuring a seamless blend in the sink's surface.

When finished, clean the area thoroughly of all residue, again by using a mild cleaning agent. Remove the orange buffing pad from the gripper and cover the used side with a plastic pad protector before storing.




Carefully secure the black polishing pad to the gripper and apply a 1-2 inch strip of black compound #3. Buff in a circular motion as in step #2, remembering to feather out significantly further than step #2, until the sink is sufficiently polished. Finish by again cleaning the area thoroughly of all residue. Remove the black buffing pad from the gripper and cover the used side with the plastic pad protector before storing.


Important Information about proper Scratch Pro use and storage:

ALWAYS clean the scratched area completely between steps, removing all traces of the previous compound before proceeding.

ALWAYS apply the compounds in order as marked on the syringes, and ALWAYS use the same buffing compound with its designated buffing pad, as these should NEVER be mixed or swapped.

When not in use, Scratch Pro buffing pads should always be covered by the included pad protectors. Once a buffing pad has been coated with buffing compound, it is highly susceptible to contamination by foreign particles, as these may stick to the pads' surface and cause scratching. Never use a buffing pad that has been dropped on the floor, come into contact with the wrong buffing compound, or contaminated by any foreign matter or particles.

Store Scratch Pro compounds between 41° and 100° F. It is also important to avoid direct sunlight, as this may cause melting. ALWAYS replace the syringe caps after use to prevent leakage.

Read all instructions and warnings before use. Improper use of the kit may result in unsatisfactory results.