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ScratchPro effectively repairs scratches from auto paint finsihes, headlights and metal trims


Automotive finishes frequently suffer from being scratched or simply dulled over time.

Until now, there was no effective solution for removing scratches by hand. The existing polishing products are inexpensive but the amount of manual effort required to address heavy scratches is considerable, and the results - unsatisfactory. There are machines for polishing automotive paint finishes but they are expensive and require considerable skill to avoid "burning" the paint which can happen in an instant. Most laypersons shy away from them and have to spend a lot of money at body shops.

Scratch Pro kit for repair of scratches on automotive paint finishes, headlights and metal trims

ScratchPro for cars

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Scratch Pro is the first and only product of this kind containing diamond powder. The natural hardness, durability and heat conductivity of diamond makes it particularly suitable for use in hand polishing and scratch removal. ScratchPro gives rapid results similar to a polishing machine, but with the control, cost, and simplicity of hand polishing. 

  • DIY Professional results at home, no experience or equipment needed.
  • Quick and easy 3-step process utilizing Superabrasive's unique diamond compounds. 
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Download the Scratch Pro Instructions brochure.

ScratchPro kit contentsEach Scratch Pro kit for Cars includes:

  • 1 Red Scratch Pro diamond buffing compound syringe
  • 1 Yellow Scratch Pro diamond buffing compound syringe
  • 1 Grey Scratch Pro diamond buffing compound syringe
  • 1 Red buffing pad
  • 1 Yellow buffing pad
  • 1 White buffing pad
  • 1 foam gripper for easy buffing by hand
  • 3 plastic buffing pad protectors


Read all instructions and warnings before use. Improper use of the kit may result in unsatisfactory results and could cause additional damage to the scratched surface.


Begin by cleaning the scratched area well, removing all dirt with a soapy water or mild cleaning agent. Carefully secure the Red pad to the foam gripper - the pad should be firmly attached before beginning. Apply a generous amount of Red compound #1 to Red buffing pad #1. By firmly holding the gripper, buff vigorously in a circular motion until the scratch is no longer visible. This may take several minutes, but it is important to completely remove the scratch during this step. When finished with step 1, clean the area thoroughly of all residue before proceeding to step #2,again by using a mild cleaning agent. Failure to completely clean all of the diamond compound from the surface will cause scratching during the following steps. Remove the red buffing pad from the gripper and cover the used side with a plastic pad protector before storing. For deeper scratches which have exposed the metal below the paint, you have to apply an OEM touch-up paint AND clear coat before using ScratchPro. Follow the manufacturers' instructions. Once the clear coat has been applied and has dried completely, begin with Scratch Pro step #1.

scratchpro-attach-pad SP-apply-compound 

SP-buff-scratch SP-cover-pad

Carefully secure the Yellow pad to the gripper, apply a generous amount of Yellow compound #2 to Yellow buffing pad #2, and buff vigorously in a circular motion until the area appears polished. It is very important to FEATHER OUT this step significantly further than step #1, ensuring a seamless blend into the clear coat. Clean the area thoroughly of all residue with a mild cleaning agent before proceeding to step #3. Failure to completely clean all of the diamond compound from the surface will cause scratching during the last step. Remove the yellow buffing pad from the gripper and cover the used side with a plastic pad protector before storing. Note: It is common for the buffing pad to assume the color of the vehicle's paint, especially when buffing dark colored cars; this is normal.

Secure the White pad to the gripper and apply a generous amount of Grey compound #3 to White buffing pad #3. Buff in a circular motion until the area is completely polished and blends with the surrounding color coat. It is again very important to feather out this step significantly further than step #2, ensuring a seamless blend into the clear coat. RUSHING THROUGH THIS STEP WILL RESULT IN A HAZED LOOK. If you notice any hazing, you should go back and repeat step #3. When done, remove the white buffing pad from the gripper and cover the used side with a plastic pad protector before storing. Finish by once again cleaning the area of all residue.


  • Scratch Pro is also perfect for polishing dull headlight covers, eliminating the need to purchase additional products to keep your vehicles looking their best. Just use the same 3-step process!

See the difference below...

headlight-polishing-before  headlight-polishing-buff  headlight-polishing-after

Important Information about proper use and storage of ScratchPro kits:

  • ALWAYS clean the scratched area completely between steps (using a mild cleaning agent), removing all traces of the previous compound.
  • ALWAYS apply the compounds in order as marked on the syringes, and ALWAYS use the same buffing compound with its designated buffing pad, as these should NEVER be mixed or swapped.
  • When not in use, Scratch Pro buffing pads should always be covered by the included pad protectors. Once a buffing pad has been coated with buffing compound, it is highly susceptible to contamination by foreign particles, as these may stick to the pads' surface and cause scratching. Never use a buffing pad that has been dropped on the floor, come into contact with the wrong buffing compound, or contaminated by any foreign matter or particles.
  • Store ScratchPro compounds between 45°F and 100°F. Direct sunlight and heat may cause melting. ALWAYS replace the syringe caps after use to prevent leakage.


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